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SINPACK User's guide for our overseas travel packing service

SINPACK is a convenient means of shopping for customers, diplomat officials or expatriate residing overseas, where Japanese groceries are not readily available. Advanced orders through Internet or instore purchase during your visit are export-packed and delivered to your accommodation in Singapore depending on your preferred choice. We deliver perishables such as meat, fish and frozen foods in professional and secure packaging with dry ice.

Step 1: Ordering and Payment

Online shopping orders are accepted 24 hours everyday.
Orders must be placed 10 working days in advance (excluding sat, sun and public holiday) from the desired collection date.
All payment must be made through Credit Card, VISA, MASTER. Please note that AMERICAN EXPRESS and JCB are no longer accepted.

1. Online shopping method

  1. Please select products from Online shopping at SINPACK section of MEIDI-YA's website.
    A pre-charge of *$150 added to the order amount. The final necessary packing and delivery surcharge will be calculated later and the excess amount will be refunded.
  2. Select your Preferred method of delivery after clicking Check out and click Next.
  3. Fill in the blanks on the page. The fields marked with * are mandatory to process your order. Click on the Submit to confirm your order. Click on the Proceed to payment Portal to confirm your order.
  4. Click Next after you have input your address and proceed to the payment site. Click Next after the input of credit card information.
  5. Click Pay only once after the confirmation of the payment amount.
  6. A One Time Password (Authentication Number) will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS. Please key in the One Time Password in the next page within 3 minutes. Please note that for your security purposes the credit card will be disabled if the password is incorrectly keyed in repeatedly. *One Time password is not necessary by payment with Non 3D secure credit card.
  7. When order-sending is completed, a transaction confirmation page will be displayed and you will receive two emails ①A Confirmation email with your order details ② A Confirmation email with your payment information (Receipt).
    *The pre-charge $150.00 packing and shipping fee is stated on the receipt. Please note down Information stated in the Email ① for reference.
From receiving your order to delivery
  1. A MEIDI-YA Supermarket representative will check the availability of the product ordered and inform you if not available or replacement needed.
    The excess amount from the pre-charge of*$150 packing and delivery costs will be refunded to you later via your credit card company.
    Please check the final amount on the delivery note on the day of delivery.
  2. In the case where the packing and delivery surcharge exceeds $150.00, it will be informed separately.
  3. The products are delivered to your designated address.

2. For additional purchases

Upon ordering via internet, please inform in the Order form if you have the intention of shopping in MEIDI-YA for additional items. When paying for the additional items, let the cashier know that you are a SINPACK customer and that you’d like your additional items to be packed together with your internet order.

3. Ordering SINPACK at MEIDI-YA (Millenia Walk Only)

When shopping at MEIDI-YA without internet order, please inform the cashier that you are going for the SINPACK service. That way, we will pack accordingly.

Sinpack Service is only available from 10am to 6pm daily
Simply pick and purchase your choice of goods before 6pm. Upon payment at our cashier point, please inform our cashier that you are going for Sinpack Service and from there our Sinpack staff will assist you through your requirements.While requesting for delivery to the hotel, all purchases must be paid before the following cut-off delivery time:
- Delivery time from 11:00am to 1:00pm→ cut-off time is at 6pm a day before the delivery day
- Same day delivery time from 1pm to 4pm → cut-off time is at 11:00am
- Same day delivery time from 4pm to 7:30pm → cut-off time is at 2:00pm
For Self-Collection
You can walk in have your purchases packed within 30 minutes for self-collection (time extension may be required, depending on volume and number of Sinpack customers).

4. Cancellation of Order or Change of Product

There will be a full indemnity for cancellation of order or change of product when notice is given less than 4 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays) from the delivery or self-collection date. The full indemnity covers items such as Meat, Fish, Perishable, Chilled and Frozen Products.

Step 2: Collection

For Collection, please choose the preferred collection point and time as follow:

Preferred Collection Point Delivery Time
Customer Service Counter,
Millenia Walk
10:00 ~ 22:00
2) Your hotel concierge
- excluding Transit Hotel in the Airport

Delivery to Hotels

Your order will be delivered to the reception or concierge of your hotel. Please check with them for your delivery.

* Deliveries to Changi International Airport are currently suspended for various reasons.
But store pickup and delivery to hotel are available as stated above.
We appreciate your understanding.

For Enquiry on SINPACK

Tel: (65) 6339 1111 10:00am - 10:00pm
(65) 6353 2222 (Japanese Hotline) *9am - 6pm (Weekdays)
FAX: (65) 6339 1112

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