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Home » News & Events » [MEIDI-YA My Bag Campaign] Bring your own bag! [15/08/2022]

[MEIDI-YA My Bag Campaign] Bring your own bag!

MEIDI-YA My Bag Campaign starts on Monday 15 August.
If you use your own bag when paying, you will receive 1 My Bag Mark per bag.
When you collect 30 My Bag Marks, you can exchange them for 1 MEIDI-YA recycled plastic bottle bag.
Please collect receipts with My Bag Marks printed and bring them to customer counter.
The exchange for the MEIDI-YA recycled plastic bottle bag will start in September.

*My Bag Campaign will end on Thursday 15 September.
 Thank you very much for your cooperation in bringing your own bag.

More Details (PDF file)

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