1. Eligibility
1-1 16 years and above is eligible to apply.
2. Issuance of Card
2-1 Administration fee $2.00 per card shall be charged.
3. Point-Earning
3-1 $1=1 point and total points of your purchase will be accumulated at the payment and shown on the receipt.
* Purchase made with Shopping Vouchers, Return Coupons or through Home Delivery Service, Gift-sending service is not eligible for point-earning.
4. Period
4-1 1 term is 6 months. The points accumulated during 6 months (January ~ June and/or July ~ December) shall be redeemable in the following 6 months (July ~ December and/or January ~ June)
5. Redemption
5-1 Minimum 500 points are required for redemption and Vouchers are to be redeemed with every subsequent 500 points. MEIDI-YA Rebate Voucher or ANA Travel Voucher are available for your choice.
The points yet to redeemed within the designated redemption period and below 500 points cannot be carried forward to the next term but forfeited.
6. Later-date accumulation
6-1 The points failed to accumulate at the point of purchases can be updated at MEIDI-YA Information Counter within 1 week from purchase date. Present Card and the purchase receipt at the counter. However, updating points beyond terms cannot be entertained.
7. Change of Particulars
7-1 Any changes of particulars registered mailing address etc should immediately be notified to MEIDI-YA Singapore Supermarket.
8. Loss or Theft of Card
8-1 The cardholder shall notify MEIDI-YA Singapore Supermarket immediately in case the card(s) is misplaced or stolen. MEIDI-YA Singapore Supermarket shall not be liable and responsible for any illicit usage or redemption before making notice to MEIDI-YA Singapore Supermarket.
9. Disclaimer
9-1 MEIDI-YA Singapore Supermarket reserves the rights of amendments or withdrawal of privilege contents. All members shall be notified in written or other means MEIDI-YA Singapore Supermarket deems appropriate.
MEIDI-YA Singapore Supermarket deems cardholder(s) have read, understood and fully agreed with the Terms & Conditions.