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User's Guide

Home Delivery Service is a hassle-free home shopping system. All you need is to register as a member and you can start shopping through Internet. We deliver your purchases up to your door step.
Terms & Conditions apply. See "Regulations" and apply online now.
You will be notified and given the membership number once the registration is completed, which takes about 10 days upon application (Initial Registration Fee: $10).

Step 1: Ordering

Place your order online (Orders received on Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday, delivery will be on the second day of the HDS working day).

1. Selection
You may order any product(s) as featured on our Online Home Delivery Service homepage.
2. Out of Stock Item
Despite our efforts in keeping sufficient stocks, "out of stock" situations may occur. We seek your understanding when we are unable to meet your requirements.
3. Delivery Charge
Enjoy Free Delivery for orders placed above $100. For orders placed below $100, a $10 delivery fee will be charged.
4. Delivery and Delivery Time Frame
The delivery time frame is from 10:00am to 1:00pm, Monday to Friday and there will be no delivery on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. Any order place after the cut-off time will be brought forward to the next subsequent delivery day. Order place on any Friday before cut-off time, delivery will be on the next HDS working day.For order place on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday, delivery will be on the second day of the HDS working day.
The daily ordering Cut-off time is at 2:00pm. Any changes, additional or cancellation of item(s) must be done on the same day before the cut-off time.
5. Change Of Particulars
The procedure for changing of your address, telephone number and etc. takes about three working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday). Please be sure to change these information before you place your order. Please note that MEIDI-YA Supermarket shall not be held responsible for problems caused by your failure to complete the change on time. To submit a change, please fill in the changed information in the "Application form of amendment".
» Application form of amendment
*Please note in advance that any change of particulars such as address, telephone number and etc over the telephone will not be accepted.

Delivery Areas
Home delivery service delivery time frame: 10:00am - 1:00pm on Weekdays
Non-delivery areas
Delivery to certain parts of Tuas, Woodlands, Senoko, Sembawang and Changi might not be available. Please enquire about delivery to your area if it is in these areas.

Step 2: Ordering procedure

All payment must be made through Credit Card, VISA, MASTER. Please note that AMERICAN EXPRESS and JCB are no longer accepted.

① Steps for Online shopping

  1. Select a category you wish to browse on the left navigation bar on Online Shopping Page.
  2. The page shows the items in the selected category in a table format on the main section of the page.
  3. Enter the quantity you wish to purchase in the text box beside the item and click on Add to Cart to place them into your shop cart.
  4. The page will refresh back to main menu. Repeat a) ~ c) till you finish shopping.
  5. To delete item(s) from your cart, go to VIEW CART and click on the Remove button beside the item. The page will refresh and the item(s) remaining in your cart will be shown.
    To change quantity, go to View Cart and click the Change button bellow the Quantity and edit the text box beside item.
  6. Click on the Check Out button to proceed to the Check Out Page.
  7. Fill in all blanks on the page. Click on the Submit to confirm your order.
  8. Click on the Proceed to payment Portal to confirm your order.
  9. Click Next after you have input your address and proceed to the payment site.
  10. Click Next after you have input your credit card information.
  11. Click Pay only once after you have confirmed your information and the payment amount.
  12. A One Time Password (Authentication Number) will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS. Please key in the One Time Password in the next page within 3 minutes. Please note that for your security purposes the credit card will be disabled if the password is incorrectly keyed in repeatedly. *One Time password is not necessary by payment with Non 3D secure credit card.
  13. When order-sending is completed, a transaction confirmation page will be displayed and you will receive two emails after ordering.
    An order confirmation email will be sent from "".
    Please set and register so that you can receive emails.
    ① A Confirmation email with your order details ② A Confirmation email with your payment information (Receipt). Please note down Information stated in the Email ① for reference.
② From receiving your order to delivery
  1. The person in charge of at MEIDI-YA confirms your order content and stock availability.
  2. In the case when some products are out of stock, the final amount is confirmed after the deduction of the product cost. *In that case, we do not replace to alternative product(s).
  3. Confirmed final amount is charged to your credit card.
    (The amount has not been charged at the time of order and it was temporarily held. Final amount is charged to your credit card after the confirmation of the final amount by MEIDI-YA.)
  4. The product ordered by you is to be delivered to you together with delivery slip stated with the final amount.
  5. Please check if the final amount in your payment statement sent to you by card issuer later. Should you require any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the person in charge.
With regard to delivery slip
*Final amount stated in the delivery slip is to be charged to your credit card.
Please keep it till you receive your credit card statement.

*The products stated with "NS" (No Stock) with line and those indicated with "$0" in the amount column are unfortunately out of stock. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.
* When the products are not delivered and there is no indication of NS" or "$0" or wrong products were delivered, kindly contact (6773-0002, between 9:00am to 2:00pm during weekdays) on the delivery date itself or by the following business day. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Step 3: Delivery

Delivery will be on the next day after placing the order.
(No delivery on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday)

1. Delivery Time & Date
We do not accept request of specific timing during the delivery time frame between 10:00 -13:00.
2. Receiving Party
Please ensure that you or a family member is present during our delivery of your purchases to your home as per your requested delivery time-frame. During your absence upon our delivery, our delivery staff shall leave your purchases outside your doorstep. Being such, MEIDI-YA Supermarket shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage or deterioration to your purchases. In the event of your absence, please inform your Condominium/Apartment Management or Security Officers of your expected delivery. Please also note that if our delivery staff is not able or not allowed to access to your doorstep to deliver your purchases, your purchases shall then be re-delivered to you on our next delivery day. Being such, MEIDI-YA Supermarket shall not be held responsible for all perishable and deteriorated products.
3. Cooler Bags

Return the cooler bag to our delivery staff at the next delivery or within one (1) month from the date of use, and ensure that he signs on Invoice for acknowledgment of collection. Alternatively, if there is no scheduled delivery within a month, you can drop it off at MEIDI-YA Supermarket Delivery Counter during business hours with your membership number attached clearly for recognition.

Please be reminded of the penalty fee imposed on cases of:
Failure to return within 1 month $15 per bag
Loss of bag $30 per bag

4. Security Measures
For security measures, all our delivery staffs are instructed not to enter into customers’ premises, therefore please be advised that your purchases will only be delivered to your doorstep.

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