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【Information on Home Delivery Services】

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, we have received a great deal of orders now.
We are sorry that depending on the number of orders, we are currently unable to meet the desired date and time and we may not be able to accept your order temporarily.
If you cannot order, we would appreciate it if you access it again at a later date.

In the addition, some products are running low or out of stock in our supermarket.
There's a possibility that ordered products by you will be not delivered.
Please kindly check your delivery slip which you receive together products.
In case of out of stock, Quantity/Amount are written 0 in the delivery slip.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your kind understanding.

Meidi-Ya Supermarket

Home Delivery Service
Notice of Credit Card Payment

Payment of products purchased will be made via e-commerce.

Purpose of Implementation

E-commerce allows customers to use our home delivery service with ease of mind and make secure payments without divulging their credit card information to us.

From order to delivery

Select product from the Home Delivery Service site. (Same procedure as before)
Enter "Home Delivery Service Member No." and "Customer Information", and select "Preferred Delivery Date". (Same procedure as before)
Confirm the entered information and click to Proceed to Payment Portal. The payment site will be displayed.

Enter credit card information

Credit cards accepted are VISA, MASTER, JCB.

Please note that AMERICAN EXPRESS is not accepted.

Payment completed
You will receive a "Product Confirmation Email" and "Payment Confirmation Email (Receipt)".
MEIDI-YA will check the inventory status of the ordered product and the final amount. The final amount will be billed to your credit card.
*We are not able to offer any alternative item if the product is out of stock. In this case, we will deduct the amount of the unavailable product from the final amount before billing your credit card.
A packing slip listing details of the final amount will be sent together with the products.

Schedule differs during Chinese New Year

*Online Home Delivery Service*

No delivery from 21st Jan(Tue) to 28th Jan(Tue).
The deadline for receiving order before Chinese New Year will be 17th Jan(Fri).
The final delivery date will be 20th Jan(Mon).
We will resume receiving the order from 28th Jan(Tue) and delivering from 29th Jan(Wed).

*Sinpack Service*

No delivery or collection at the store from 25th(Sat) to 26th(Sun) Jan.

Thank you for your understanding and corporation.

Singapore MEIDI-YA supermarket