1. Services
1-1 Home Delivery Service is provided under the membership system, thus completion of the registration is necessary. Refer to No 3 Application.
1-2 Members shall receive the product catalogue "MY FRESH CHOICE" regularly by post. Orders can be made by telephone, fax or website.
1-3 Members shall be provided the Store Delivery Service in members' privileged term.
1-4 Members shall receive "MY enlivening experience" regularly which features the special offers exclusive to members.
1-5 The service can be utilized by the member him/herself and their family members resided at the same address whom agreed with the regulations.
1-6 Deliveries (your purchases and catalogues) are made only to the registered residential address on the application form.
1-7 The purchases made through the service does not qualify for accrual of MEIDI-YA Privilege Card point.
2. Eligibility
2-1 MEIDI-YA Home Delivery Service (Catalogue & Online Shopping) is provided exclusively to whom reside within our delivery service areas. The service is for residential address only, and any sort of commercial buildings or facilities are not eligible.
3. Application
3-1 Fill in all required particulars in the "Application Form" and submit to MEIDI-YA Information Counter or Fax to Home Delivery Service Department at 6774-2212. Alternatively, you can log on to our website for online application. (www.meidi-ya.com.sg)
3-2 Initial administrative fee of S$10.00 will be charged to your credit card account.
3-3 The membership number is to be printed on your MEIDI-YA Privilege Card at MEIDI-YA Information Counter.
4. Payment
4-1 Payment mode is only by Credit Card (VISA and MASTER).
In the event of your credit card account being suspended for some reasons, the service will not be proceeded till it is resumed.
4-2 The total purchased amount to be charged to your credit card account each time.
Invoice and Credit card Charge Slip will be attached to your purchases upon delivery. No statement will be issued.
5. Change
5-1 The procedure for changing of your address, telephone number, specified credit card and etc. takes about three working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and Holidays). Please be sure to change these information before you place your order. Please note that MEIDI-YA Supermarket shall not be held responsible for problems caused by your failure to complete the change. To submit a change, please fill in the changed information in the "Application form of amendment" and submit it to MEIDI-YA Supermarket Information Counter or fax it to the Home Delivery Service Department at fax number 6774-2212. You will also be able to make the changes on our website at www.meidi-ya.com.sg. * Please note in advance that any change of particulars such as address, telephone number, credit card and etc over the telephone is not accepted.
6. Termination
6-1 To terminate the membership, please fill in "Request Form for Termination" and submit to MEIDI-YA Information Counter or Fax to Home Delivery Service Department at 6774-2212.
6-2 No adjournment in the membership.
7. Disclaimer
7-1 The prices are subject to change without prior notice.
7-2 Please ensure that you or a family member is present during our delivery of your purchases to your home as per your requested delivery time-frame. During your absence upon our delivery, our delivery staff shall leave your purchases outside your doorstep. Being such, MEIDI-YA Supermarket shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage or deterioration to your purchases. In the event of your absence, please inform your Condominium/Apartment Management or Security Offices of your expected delivery. Please also note that if our delivery staff is not able or not allowed to access to your doorstep to deliver your purchases, your purchases shall then be re-delivered to you on our next delivery day. Being such, MEIDI-YA Supermarket shall not be held responsible for all perishable and deteriorated products.
7-3 MEIDI-YA Singapore reserves the rights of amendments or withdrawal of the service contents. All members shall be notified in written or other means MEIDI-YA Singapore deems appropriate.
7-4 MEIDI-YA Singapore deems all members have read, understood and fully agreed with the Members' Regulations.